• 21 Mar

    Karostech and Sovelto offering serendipity training in Finland

    Karostech Ltd and Sovelto, one of the biggest private training companies in Finland, have today agreed that Sovelto will start to offer one day serendipity training to its customers. The key idea is to increase the understanding of serendipity when managing innovation management processes and to help participants create innovation ecosystems that really support harnessing serendipity.

    The first training is planned after the summer holidays and also tailor made company trainings will be available. The responsible teacher is Karostech’s Founder and Partner Ilkka Kakko. “This is a great acknowledgement of my work over the last ten years in this field. I am sincerely confident that this training will give very practical advice and value to the participants” says Ilkka.

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  • 22 Jan

    Karostech experts invited to contribute the development of Gran Canaria Technology Park

    Karostech’s experts Erik Raita and Ilkka Kakko were invited to Las Palmas for the first week of February. They will have during the week negotiations with the local stakeholders; representatives of academia, regional development organization and the business community in order to further develop the emergent ecosystem around the new science park initiative.  Dr. Igor Rozhdestvensky, Director of  Ingria Business Incubator, Karostech’s strategic partner in Saint Petersburg,  will also join the mission. The highlight of the week is an interactive workshop on Wednesday, where the further development plans for the ecosystem development will be elaborated.

  • 20 Jan

    Ilkka Kakko participated in UNESCO mission in Czech Republic


    Karostech’s Founder and Partner Ilkka Kakko has contributed the UNESCO mission in Czech Republic. It was his first mission as certified UNESCO science park management consultant (see details here). The task force conducted the field study and submitted a technical report about the further development activities regarding to Nupharo Technology Park.  Nupharo is a new STP initiative strongly supported by the Czech government and big global corporations like ABB, Cisco, E.oN and Philips. Nupharo Technology Park will focus actively on smart energy and DC technologies in partnership with leading global universities in the field. The first premises will open by the end of 2014 on the highway Berlin – Prague about an hour drive from Prague.

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  • 04 Dec
    Karostech contributed to the 3rd Innovation Forum in Zheleznogorsk

    Karostech contributed to the 3rd Innovation Forum in Zheleznogorsk

    Karostech’s Founder and Partner Ilkka Kakko has participated in a traditional annual Innovation Forum in Zheleznogorsk, Russia, 29.-30. November.

    On Thursday Ilkka has presented a two hour keynote  to the participants of Youth Forum. The topic was “Professional Communities as Part of Innovation Ecosystem” and the event was attended by about 60 people, students, start-ups, officials and university personal.

    Kuvankaappaus 2013-12-4 kello 8.34.49

    On Friday Ilkka Kakko contributed as a member of panel discussion (picture above) on how cluster development can be improved by some new concepts and structures. Ilkka introduced some Finnish examples like Demola and Urban Mill, and the top experts from Russia, including Technopark Skolkovo, presented their viewpoints. The discussion was dynamic and the Finnish approach received  a warm response.

    Ilkka’s Thursday presentation can be viewed here

    The city of Zheleznogorsk hosts one of the most advanced research centres in Russia focusing on nuclear and space research. The two day Innovation Forum attended by the most important stakeholders from academia, business and regional development sectors was intended to support the innovation activities in the area .

    This invitation highlights the strong position and reputation, which Karostech has achieved in Russian innovation sphere as an acknowledged expert organization. There will be further negotiations on how Karostech’s expertise can be utilized in order to build a sustainable innovation ecosystem in Krasnoyarsk Krai region.

  • 27 Nov

    Ilkka Kakko becomes an independent UNESCO certified science park management consultant

    Founder and Partner Ilkka Kakko has qualified to become an independent UNESCO certified science park management and innovation environment consultant. This is a result of a process which started  at UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop in Korea a couple of months ago. Ilkka has presented there our 3GSP (Third Generation Science Park) concept and this presentation raised strong interest among the decision-makers in science parks and regional development organizations in different countries. After negotiations and some qualification tests, Mr. Kakko was qualified this week.

    Ilkka Kakko’s first mission as an independent UNESCO certified science park management consultant begins on the week 50 (mid-December) in Prague, Czech Republic.





  • 10 Nov

    Ilkka Kakko presenting at the Annual Convention of Real Estate Organizations

    Ilkka Kakko had an opportunity to share his insights at the Kiinteistöalan Vuosiseminaari in Aulanko on 7th of November (The Annual Convention of Real Estate Organizations in Finland). About 500 participants from different areas of real estate business (facility management, construction companies, service providers, investors, lawyers) were participating. Ilkka had a session together with an acknowledged future scientist and author Mika Aaltonen – Ilkka introduced the audience to the topic with his “post-normal era slides” (in Finnish) and Mika continued with his “Renaissance Society” theme. Overall the presentation was warmly welcomed and the discussion about future developments was really active.

    Quite an inspiring experience all in all!

  • 18 Oct

    Serendipity Management Master Class in Saint Petersburg on 24th of October

    Ilkka Kakko will hold a state-of the art  ”Serendipity Management” Master Class on Thursday 24th of October in Saint Petersburg.  The event is sponsored by ENPI project ”OpenINNO” and Karostech Ltd and is free of charge. Registration is needed by e.mail to – the registration ends on 22nd of October, and be quick, there are only 40 seats available.

    The doors open 16:30, and Master Class will be 17:00 – 21:00. The venue is Fablab Polytech, Address: Polytechnicheskaya st., 29, Hydro Tower Building,


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  • 11 Oct

    Contributing to Skolkovo round table at Innovation Forum in Saint Petersburg

    Chairman of the Board Erik Raita has been recently contributing to the round table of technoparks and business incubators organized by Technopark Skolkovo at Saint Petersburg’s International Innovation Forum.

    Erik Raita presenting 3GSP at Skolkovo round table

    Anna Nikina, moderator of the session, commenting Karostech’s 3GSP presentation at Skolkovo round table Oct. 2, 2013. Copyright Technopark Skolkovo.

    Erik’s presentation was devoted to the science parks of the 3rd generation based on our 3GSP concept. Our role was to bring the independent consultant’s view over the global trends that shape the innovation landscape affecting the function of science parks. Other panelists have represented viewpoints of the actual actors of innovation ecosystem, such as science park and business incubator management (Igor Rozhdestvenskiy, Technopark Ingria), the industry (Kirill Soloveychik, Lenpoligraphmash holding), the university (Boris Novikov, LETI technical university), and the start-up (Taisiya Kudashkina, The session was moderated by Anna Nikina from Technopark Skolkovo.

    More information about the round table available in Russian at:

    Karostech’s presentation at Innovation Forum is available in Presentations section of our website.

  • 30 Sep
    Ilkka Kakko participated in UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop in Daejeon, Korea

    Ilkka Kakko participated in UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop in Daejeon, Korea


    Karostech’s Founder and Partner Ilkka Kakko participated as an invited expert in the International Training Workshop titled “R&BD 3.0: S&T Parks in the Creative Economy” on 24th – 27th September 2013 in Daejeon, Korea.

    “The 2013 Workshop will extend WTA’s emphasis on research/business ecosystems, to encompass the rise of the creative economy. Games, video production, and product design are just a few of the creative industries that have made new connections with the more traditional high tech areas of information tech and software. All are shaped by trends to open innovation, the targeting of messages (including advertising) via social networks, and the movement of high-tech manufacturers into services. The new creative industries do not need large corporate campuses, and tend to employ younger people. They locate in urban areas, changing the geography of the technopolis, creating new links between suburbs and urban core, and potentially even revitalizing cities.” 

    Ilkka Kakko’s paper and presentation was titled “The Fundamentals of Third Generation Science Park Concept” and it describes the 3GSP concept developed by Karostech Ltd  during the last few years. The content of the paper resonates very well with the challenges new STPs are facing, especially in the field of the Creative Economy.  The main topics in his paper are as following:

    ”The Rise of Research Clouds”  

    3GSP (Third Generation Science Parks) concept                      UNESCO WTA Final Dinner

    The Importance of Communities 

    Serendipity  Management

    Two Cases from Finland 

    Ilkka Kakko’s  presentation can be viewed here.


    The event offered  a great opportunity to elaborate the challenges, which STP world is facing, especially in developing countries. The invitation and active participation in the event did acknowledge also the global expertise of Karostech in the area of  science park management. It also enabled Karostech to extend its business relations to the policy makers, governmental officials and STP managers in the countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Egypt, Taiwan, Mongolia, Colombia, Taiwan, Japan, Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Philippines and Korea.

    Dinner, 2013-09-26 18.52.52UNESCO WTA speech

  • 02 Sep
    3GSP concept and serendipity management principles raising interest in Russia

    3GSP concept and serendipity management principles raising interest in Russia

    During August 28-29 Ilkka Kakko has participated a training event for managers of Russian technology parks at Technopark of Novosibirsk Academgorodok, “Academpark”. Ilkka’s first day’s contribution included a participation as invited speaker in high level expert panel and a keynote lecture “The Fundamentals of Third Generation Science Park”. The following day he has conducted a two hour “Serendipity Management” master class, which raised a lot of interest among the audience. It was considered to be one of the highlights of the whole three day event and gained a very enthusiastic response from about 40 participants. Here is the feedback from one key participant:

    “Just attended Serendipity Management Workshop delivered by Ilkka Kakko at our innovations & entrepreneurship fostering bootcamp deep in Russia, in Novosibirsk J. Even thought the term “Serendipity Management” may sound as an oxymoron, the workshop provides very clear examples and guidance how to keep your mind opened to new ideas, how to stimulate “unexpected creative collisions”, how to spot and harness those of potential business value. Very good balance of theory, sound example, practical exercises and activities, made the Serendipity Management Workshop real highlight of the day. Really enjoyed the Workshop and deeply believe in Serendipity Management as a “must have” skill for all those dealing with innovations both in startups as well as in big corporations.”   Alexey Nikolaev, Innovations and Entrepreneurship Development Manager, Intel Russia.

    2013-08-29 09.17.46

    2013-08-29 12.02.04


    Photo: Participants of the master class                               Photo: Presentation of the team work results

    The event was a joint initiative of Russian ICT Ministry, Intel and Russian Technoparks Association. It combined plenary session and hands-on practical workshop. The workshop had the “train-the-trainer” format and intended to provide managers/administrators/staff of technology parks and incubators with the best management practices and working models.

    More about the event in these links (in Russian):

    The main photo: Governor of the Novosibirsk Region, Mr Vasily Yurchenko, having an opening speech of the expert forum, sitting on the background the experts (from left) Ilkka Kakko, Pekka Viljakainen, Advisor to the President, Skolkovo Foundation, Mark Shmulevich, Deputy Minister at Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and Olga Lobanova, Director of Corporate Affairs Group, Intel Russia.




  • 30 Jul

    Karostech’s partner network involved in ongoing activities

     According to our strategy to operate as a node for the strong expert network, Karostech has offered our Swedish partner Evert Jonsson the opportunity to contribute in our cooperation with the Innovative nautical architecture and aircraft industry regional cluster of Khabarovsk district of Russian Federation, for details see

    In frame of the ongoing cooperation Evert gave in the end of July a presentation related to the development of the industrial parks with the specific focus in building a turbine industry cluster based on the existing production facilities. The presentation was held during the strategic development session organized by the Centre for Strategic Research North-West.



  • 07 Jul
    Ilkka Kakko attended the high level Round Table discussion at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

    Ilkka Kakko attended the high level Round Table discussion at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

    Ilkka Kakko contributed to the Round Table discussion about the future of Russian technoparks as an invited speaker. Ilkka explained the ongoing transformation in Finnish technopark scene and the emergence of new innovation organizations as well as introduced our 3GSP model. The topic raised lot of questions and the impact of this new trend in Russian context was one of the key discussions in the event.

    The event was part of SPIEF 2013 (Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum) organized by Ingria and attended by the the representatives of  Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation as well as managers of the major Russian technology parks and leading organizations like Ingria, Skolkovo, Novosibirsk Technopark, Rosatom, Rostec and Megapir

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  • 07 Jul
    Karostech experts as invited speakers at Coworking Forum in Saint Petersburg

    Karostech experts as invited speakers at Coworking Forum in Saint Petersburg

    Ilkka Kakko and Erik Raita were invited to speak at the Coworking Forum organized by the City of Saint Petersburg. The event was held June 29, 2013 in the biggest Russian coworking environment Zona Space.

    In his presentation titled “How to harness serendipity in coworking environments” Ilkka focused on serendipity issues, whereas Erik’s presentation was focusing on the general principles and guidelines of building the coworking environments. Both presentations were warmly welcomed by the audience and actively cited by the participants in the live Twitter stream of the event (see #coforum). More photos from the event can be found here.

    Coworking scene is strongly developing in major Russian cities, and Karostech is taking an active role in the development of Saint Petersburg’s coworking landscape.

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  • 07 Jun
    “Harnessing serendipity” event in Helsinki on 18th of June, Sebastian Olma & Ilkka Kakko

    “Harnessing serendipity” event in Helsinki on 18th of June, Sebastian Olma & Ilkka Kakko

    Kontoret, Karostech and Serendipity Lab will organize the first ever “Harnessing Serendipity” workshop in Finland. Join us on 18th of June and find out how to successfully harness serendipity on individual and institutional levels!


    Serendipity has recently been recognized as key source of organizational vitality. Successful global players like Google and LinkedIn are introducing strategies to increase serendipity among their employees. These companies know how important unexpected encounters and knowledge exchange are for innovation. The ability to connect to surrounding communities and to tap into the talent pools is vital also for smaller institutions and serendipity management principles are essential elements for the generation of new combinations of competences


    Sebastian Olma, PhD, economist, philosopher and organization hacker, Creative Director at Serendipity Lab and author of “The Serendipity Machine”

    Ilkka Kakko, @Serendipitor, long term enthusiast and researcher of serendipity, Founder and Facilitator of the globally recognized “”-forum

    Time: Tuesday 18th June, 15:00-17:30.

    Place: Kontoret, Erottajankatu 19, Helsinki

    Registration: by email to:   (registration binding and DL 13.6.)

    Price: 100 € (incl. vat)

    For more information, please contact; Ilkka Kakko, + 358505362941 or Ray Lindberg, +358407491526

    Limited amount of seats – Be quick!



    This workshop will give you the heads up on what “serendipity” might mean for yourself and your organization. We’ll introduce you to the principles of serendipity management and the importance of social capital. After the brief introduction we work in small groups in order to find practical solutions from individual and institutional perspectives. Finally, the findings of the work groups will be concluded to a number of possible solutions.


    The workshop will support the participants to understand serendipity and the ability to further harness serendipity in their organizations. The serendipity potential could be increased in various ways, like by creating new workplace design, by introducing new virtual collaboration platforms, by finding new ways of communication, by being better connected to surrounding communities, etc. The pragmatic approach together with the well acknowledged expertise of our facilitators Sebastian Olma and Ilkka Kakko will guarantee that the latest knowledge will be available. Yet, the concrete solutions will emerge as a result of the facilitated teamwork.

    Who should attend?

    The workshop is designed to help practitioners from both academia and business. For the best results we aim for a healthy balance between representatives from both sides. This workshop should be attended especially by people who are responsible for the development of the innovation platforms and in charge of the community building and the facilitation of the development teams.

    (image by Yulia Kryazheva / Serendipity Lab)






  • 06 Jun

    Karostech active in developing Saint Petersburg’s coworking scene

    Coworking scene is strongly developing in two major Russian cities, as also noticed by, the main global publication about the coworking. The whole article about the potential in Russian metropoles can be read here.

    Karostech is taking an active role in the evolution of Saint Petersburg’s coworking landscape. So far a dozen of coworking environments with very different operation models has been opened in Saint Petersburg, which is a low figure for an international metropolis of five million people. However, first success stories have generated lots of buzz and a strong movement, and new spaces will be established to fulfill the increasing demand on the market. Karostech’s experts expect more than 10 new spaces to open in one year’s time. Coworking chains will also start to appear as currently dominating amateur driven projects will be developing towards professionally managed businesses. We also expect that the global coworking chains will soon notify the emerging business potential and launch their nodes in Saint Petersburg.

    Karostech has been involved lately in the creation of some new coworking spaces, the latest to mention is the one at State Polytechnical University campus. Karostech’s expertise and effort for supporting St. Petersburg’s coworking scene has raised interest among the local actors, and new locations are currently under development.

    The Chairman of the Board Erik Raita has been invited as a speaker to a large coworking related event organized by the City of Saint Petersburg in the end of June. This could be a great opportunity for any major coworking concept to inform about the landing in Saint Petersburg and raise target audience’s interest to join a world class coworking community.

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