• 12 Apr

    Karostech invited to contribute to ISPIM conference on June


    The XXIV ISPIM Conference – Innovating in Global Markets: Challenges for Sustainable Growth – will be held in Helsinki, Finland on 16-19 June 2013. Organised by ISPIM and hosted by Aalto University School of Business in partnership with Lappeenranta University of Technology, this conference will bring together around 500 innovation experts from 50 countries.

    As one of the leading innovation conferences in the world ISPIM wants to follow the latest trends and identify also the emergent innovation paradigms and Karostech’s partner Ilkka Kakko, a respected  global expert in serendipity management, was asked to contribute by organizing two serendipity related sessions in the conference.

    On Monday 17th of June Ilkka Kakko is holding a Hot Topic Roundtable session: Harnessing serendipity – where are your challenges?  together with Sebastian Olma , who is Creative Director at Serendipity Lab and the Author of the book “The Serendipity Machine”

    On Wednesday 19th of June Ilkka and Sebastian will organize a workshop: Serendipity – understanding the key to organizational innovativeness

    The conference program in details in this link


  • 12 Mar

    Karostech in Saint Petersburg on 15th of March, serendipity, coworking and open innovation discussed

    Welcome to an interesting morning workshop at Zona Space in Saint Petersburg on Friday 15th of March.  ”OpenINNO” ENPI- project and Zona Space will sponsor an event where the hot topics of innovation frontier are presented. Co-working, serendipity and open innovation are introduced and discussed. This event is free of charge.

    Friday 15th of March

    10:00 – 10:45

    Erik Raita, Karostech Ltd.

    “Co-working: how it works” (in Russian)


    Ilkka Kakko, Karostech Ltd.

    “Understanding serendipity – your competitive edge” (in English)


    Prof. Marko Torkkeli, Lappeenranta University of Technology

    “Open Innovation – new paradigm for business”  (in English)


     The address is:  Zona Space premises, Ligovsky av. 74, Saint Petersburg

  • 26 Feb

    Ilkka Kakko to speak at the Luova Areena event at c/o Malski on 5th of March

    Ilkka Kakko will keep a keynote speech at Luova Areena (Creative Arena) in c/o Malski in Lahti on 5th of March. His topic is ”Erilaisten ihmisten satunnaiset kohtaamiset –hyödynnä serendipiteetin mahdollisuudet”  – ”How to productively facilitate and exploit the serendipitous encounters between people with diverse backgrounds”. The two other keynotes are ”Community building with the help of social media” by Hanna Takala and ”User centric workspaces as the community resource” by Suvi Nenonen. We are expecting a highly interesting round table discussion after the keynotes.

    The link to the program can be found here.

  • 25 Feb

    Karostech in charge of the innovation development part of the regional strategy of Leningrad Oblast, Russia

    Karostech has been contracted by Finnish Consulting Group to develop the innovation strategy for Leningrad oblast region of Russia. Our work was a part of a large strategy development project aiming at increasing investment attractiveness of the region. In addition to innovation related topics, like science park development and community building principles, our responsibility covered also the action plan for IT and media promotion of the region towards potential investors. The end customer of that project was the Economic Development Committee of the Government of Leningrad oblast.

  • 25 Feb

    Karostech contributing to Malski and c/o Malski development, also moving headquarters to c/o Malski

    Karostech has been consulting a team of community builders in Lahti concerning their plans to renovate an old Mallasjuoma brewery building to a modern Center of Creative Communities – Malski.  This still ongoing work has involved various tasks by Karostech, such as conceptual planning, business plan evaluations, planning and supporting the pilot operations especially in the coworking space operations and facilitation of the community building.

    The pilot space c/o Malski opened in a location very close to the brewery building in the middle of the city on late January 2013.  The first big event was organized by Karostech and it was the participation in JELLYWEEK 2013 activities together with 250 other coworking communities from all over the world. The Google Hangout video clip from a special session “Designing a platform for creative industries”can  be found here, the issue was discussed between local experts and online contributors Anni Roolf (Germany), Leila Pais de Miranda (Brazil) and Sebastian Olma (Netherlands).

    The Malski Center will open in the beginning of 2015 and Karostech is applying the 3GSP principles into the final design and implementation of the center.

    Karostech will move the headquarters to c/o Malski by the beginning of March.



  • 18 Dec

    Cooperation agreement signed with the shipbuilding and aircraft industry cluster of Khabarovsk district, Russia

    Karostech has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Innovative nautical architecture and aircraft industry regional cluster of Khabarovsk district of Russian Federation.


    In addition to the local industry and regional development bodies among the members of the cluster there are such organizations as Ministries of Industry and Trade and Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Russian Venture Company, RosNano, etc.

    The agreement aims at the development of the regional innovation ecosystem built around strong local expertise in shipbuilding and airspace industries. The main focus of the cooperation is the development of a modern science and technology park as well as activating professional communities both on local and global level.

    See the news about the agreement from the official website of the Cluster.

  • 19 Nov

    Karostech presented in Kazakhstan Innovation Forum

    Karostech participated in the Innovation Forum organised by the Ministry of Economy of Kazakhstan held in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana November 17-18. Chairman of the Board Erik Raita presented a speech about ”Innovative Networks and Technoparks of Third Generation”.

  • 12 Nov

    Serendipity an important topic in Coworking Conference Paris, Karostech organized a workshop and participated actively

    Karostech’s Founder and Partner Ilkka Kakko was invited to Coworking Europe 2012 Conference as speaker and round table panelists. The conference gathered 280 participants from over 30 countries. Serendipity was overall one of the leading themes at the conference and it was especially elaborated in ”Harnessing serendipity” workshop organized and facilitated by Ilkka Kakko.

    Ilkka also contributed to the round table discussion devoted to the building supportive ecosystems around free-lancer communities. The topic belongs to the core competence areas of Karostech.

    Ilkka’s more detailed blog about the event can be found here.


  • 01 Oct

    Presentations at the Innovation Forum in Saint Petersburg

    Our experts have participated in two different workshops at Innovation Forum in Saint Petersburg. Ilkka Kakko has made a presentation in ”ICT Demo-Center” workshop and Erik Raita in ”OpenINNO” workshop. The topics were related to Karostech’s key competence areas: building innovation communities and third generation science park development.

    Innovation forum 2012 St.Pete

  • 22 Sep

    Karostech presented at Rosnano’s strategic session in Kazan

    Erik Raita has been invited to speak at Rosnano’s strategic planning session in Kazan on Sep. 21, 2012.

  • 26 Apr

    Two presentations at Rosatom’s seminar in Skolkovo

    Our experts were invited to give presentations at the “Instruments of the cluster policy” seminar on April 24, organized by The Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM in Skolkovo Business School, Moscow.

    The topic of Ilkka Kakko’s speech was “Innovative infrastructure of clusters. Technoparks 3.0.”. Erik Raita presented about the role of innovation communities in cluster policy.

    Click here to find more info about the event and download presentations.

  • 04 Apr

    Karostech participated in the Strategic Planning Session in Sarov with the invited presentation

    The results of the Karostech’s report of innovation communities are creating widespread interest. Chairman of the Board Erik Raita was invited to have a presentation on innovation communities at the 2nd Strategic Planning Conference in the city of Sarov, Russia. The presentation “Typology of innovation communities and instruments of their facilitation” was successfully organized through Skype video conference call from netWork Oasis, Joensuu.
  • 02 Apr

    Karostech Ltd as a key partner in a new ENPI project

    Karostech is participating in a new ENPI project “Open Innovation Service for Emerging Business –OpenINNO”. The other partners are the Association of Centers for Engineering and Automation (St. Petersburg), Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Committee of the Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade (City of St. Petersburg), Committee on IT and Communications (City of St. Petersburg), Lappeenranta University of Technology, Kouvola Innovation Ltd, Saint-Petersburg Interregional Resource Center, and Tahto Media Ltd.
    The Overall objective of the project is “to contribute to economical development of partners regions through fostering pre-incubating stage of innovation life-cycle by developing, piloting and testing the competitive open ecosystem for interregional cooperation with special focus on young entrepreneurs.” The Kick Off event of the two years project was held in St. Petersburg on 15th of March.
    Karostech’s areas of expertise in the project are the creation and implementation of “Oasis-like” environment in St. Petersburg and the creation and facilitation of CNO methodologies in the project operations.
  • 20 Mar

    Report on building innovation communities delivered

    Karostech has completed a challenging research task related to the investigation of innovation communities in the context of “Smart City” development. The report describing the taxonomy of innovation communities, explaining the use of CNO methodologies, analyzing six case studies of different types of innovation communities, and describing the main types of Smart Cities in the global scale, was delivered to the customer by the end of February.
    The outcomes of the report will be applied in Russia for regional development projects and initiatives. For Karostech the deal was an important step in deepening the expertise related to foundation and facilitation of innovation communities as well as the use of CNO methodologies in practice.
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