Karostech is consulting a new collaboration concept in Lahti.

October 20, 2014

Karostech is consulting a new collaboration concept in Lahti.

Karostech’s Ilkka Kakko has been since June 2014 active in the facilitation and creation of a new collaboration concept. The initiative itself has not yet been published, but Ilkka has together with the investors, co-facilitators and potential key users and customers organized five half-day workshops, in which the concept has been further elaborated. Some of the features are currently tested in the pilot environment, CoMalski, and the concept development issues are actively discussed in the community platform.

The ambitious goal for the design team is to create and implement a collaborative workspace with some new and fresh elements – like a low-entry community platform based on the latest developments and technologies on that field.  It will be also become one of the few workspaces where harnessing serendipity perspective has strongly been a vital principle from the very beginning of conceptual planning. The publication of the investment and the launch of the initiative will happen in the beginning of next year.

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