postnormal era

  • 07 May

    Ilkka Kakko’s book “Oasis Way and the Postnormal Era: How Understanding Serendipity Will Lead you to Success” published

    This new book is free to view and download here.

    The book is based on the experiences taken from ’netWork Oasis’ – and ’OpenINNO’ (ENPI – 631) – projects. It will describe the revolutionary change in our society and business fields having a transformative effect also to our innovation environments. The increasing importance of communities and sustainable ecosystems is highlighted. The emergent types of entrepreneurship – both effectual and social entrepreneurship – are explained and some great examples also outside Oasis and OpenINNO projects are illustrated.

    The key conclusion of the book is that innovation activities can be improved by understanding serendipity and applying serendipity management principles. The book gives practical, hands-on advices, how to harness serendipity on individual, community and organizational levels. It describes the possibilities to enhance serendipity in business environments by workspace design, both physical and virtual, and explains how to increase coincidencity in the team building process.

    Keywords: innovation environments, incubation, community building, ecosystem development, open innovation, collaboration platforms, serendipity, serendipity management

  • 10 Nov

    Ilkka Kakko presenting at the Annual Convention of Real Estate Organizations

    Ilkka Kakko had an opportunity to share his insights at the Kiinteistöalan Vuosiseminaari in Aulanko on 7th of November (The Annual Convention of Real Estate Organizations in Finland). About 500 participants from different areas of real estate business (facility management, construction companies, service providers, investors, lawyers) were participating. Ilkka had a session together with an acknowledged future scientist and author Mika Aaltonen – Ilkka introduced the audience to the topic with his “post-normal era slides” (in Finnish) and Mika continued with his “Renaissance Society” theme. Overall the presentation was warmly welcomed and the discussion about future developments was really active.

    Quite an inspiring experience all in all!