Karostech's partner network involved in ongoing activities

July 30, 2013

Karostech’s partner network involved in ongoing activities

 According to our strategy to operate as a node for the strong expert network, Karostech has offered our Swedish partner Evert Jonsson the opportunity to contribute in our cooperation with the Innovative nautical architecture and aircraft industry regional cluster of Khabarovsk district of Russian Federation, for details see http://karostech.fi/karostech-has-signed-an-agreement-with-the-shipbuilding-and-airspace-industry-cluster-of-khabarovsk-district-of-russia/.

In frame of the ongoing cooperation Evert gave in the end of July a presentation related to the development of the industrial parks with the specific focus in building a turbine industry cluster based on the existing production facilities. The presentation was held during the strategic development session organized by the Centre for Strategic Research North-West.