• 24 Jul
    New international partners from Japan and Korea for Karostech

    New international partners from Japan and Korea for Karostech

    We in Karostech have been active this summer in streamlining the global partnership network for the benefit of our customers.

    During the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference on June Ilkka Kakko had a great chance to spend one afternoon in a workshop together with the directors of JIN (Japan Innovation Network). It was an awesome two and half hours and Ilkka got also an invitation to come and visit JIN in Japan in the near future. In the cover picture Ilkka is after the workshop alongside Urban Mill orchestrators Kari Mikkelä and Lars Miikki together with the top management team of Japan Innovation Network (JIN) Prof Konno, former President of Sony Corporation Dr Ando and Chief Executive Officer of JIN Dr Nishiguchi. 

    Karostech organized also a visit for our Korean contact Dr Seo from Innopolis Foundation. Dr Seo made an European tour visiting UK, Sweden and Finland and was interested in studying the latest developments on innovation platforms. Ilkka took Dr Seo to LADEC to show how the local science park in Lahti has merged with regional development company and what kind of experiences they so far have from this re-structuring process. We also visited an Lahti – based entrepreneur Jarmo Järvinen, who is running two amazing businesses, Lean Park Oy and Methator Oy.

    After Lahti we continued the program and visited also Espoo Innovation Garden in Otaniemi, where Ilkka explained how 3rd generation science park concept is implemented and what it requires in practical terms.  During the afternoon tour Dr Seo had the chance to meet people from Design Factory, Start-Up Sauna, Urban Mill and a recently established business accelerator Vertical.

    Dr Seo was impressed and promised to take some of lessons back to Korea and start implementing them in his organization. He also invited Ilkka to visit Korea on November to conduct some training sessions in their innovation workshop.


    Näyttökuva 2015-07-30 kello 14.01.35Näyttökuva 2015-07-30 kello 14.01.13

    In photos: Dr Seo visiting LADEC, where our host was Essi Artima-Sulkinoja and the Vertical accelerator in Otaniemi, where our hosts were Hanna, Kenneth and Paolo.


  • 25 Nov

    Karostech facilitating the development of the sport and exhibition area in Lahti

    Karostech was invited to lead the development process of Sports and Exhibition Centre area in Lahti. Lahti is internationally well know of its Ski Stadium, but now the stakeholders of this entire area – like Ice Hockey stadium, Exhibition and Fair Center, Track and Sports Stadium, Swimming Stadium and indoor sports facilities (basket ball, volley ball, tennis etc) – want to have a clear vision for the future use of the area.  This is especially important now, because Lahti was awarded to organize the World Championships in cross-country skiing and ski-jumping in 2017.

    Karostech will help in organizing and facilitating the workshops, in implementing serendipity management principles like Training Camp approach and in supporting the creative process by introducing new co-creation platforms and methodologies.


  • 20 Oct

    Karostech is consulting a new collaboration concept in Lahti.

    Karostech’s Ilkka Kakko has been since June 2014 active in the facilitation and creation of a new collaboration concept. The initiative itself has not yet been published, but Ilkka has together with the investors, co-facilitators and potential key users and customers organized five half-day workshops, in which the concept has been further elaborated. Some of the features are currently tested in the pilot environment, CoMalski, and the concept development issues are actively discussed in the community platform.

    The ambitious goal for the design team is to create and implement a collaborative workspace with some new and fresh elements – like a low-entry community platform based on the latest developments and technologies on that field.  It will be also become one of the few workspaces where harnessing serendipity perspective has strongly been a vital principle from the very beginning of conceptual planning. The publication of the investment and the launch of the initiative will happen in the beginning of next year.