Saint Petersburg

  • 06 Jun

    Karostech active in developing Saint Petersburg’s coworking scene

    Coworking scene is strongly developing in two major Russian cities, as also noticed by, the main global publication about the coworking. The whole article about the potential in Russian metropoles can be read here.

    Karostech is taking an active role in the evolution of Saint Petersburg’s coworking landscape. So far a dozen of coworking environments with very different operation models has been opened in Saint Petersburg, which is a low figure for an international metropolis of five million people. However, first success stories have generated lots of buzz and a strong movement, and new spaces will be established to fulfill the increasing demand on the market. Karostech’s experts expect more than 10 new spaces to open in one year’s time. Coworking chains will also start to appear as currently dominating amateur driven projects will be developing towards professionally managed businesses. We also expect that the global coworking chains will soon notify the emerging business potential and launch their nodes in Saint Petersburg.

    Karostech has been involved lately in the creation of some new coworking spaces, the latest to mention is the one at State Polytechnical University campus. Karostech’s expertise and effort for supporting St. Petersburg’s coworking scene has raised interest among the local actors, and new locations are currently under development.

    The Chairman of the Board Erik Raita has been invited as a speaker to a large coworking related event organized by the City of Saint Petersburg in the end of June. This could be a great opportunity for any major coworking concept to inform about the landing in Saint Petersburg and raise target audience’s interest to join a world class coworking community.